Code of ethics

The CODE OF ETHICS defines the basic expectations and sets forth the ethical principles the college has for every member.  It is a moral guide which governs the professional and personal conduct of all regulated members of the college and conveys to the public the principles by which professional performance is adjudicated.

The ethical principles are not listed in order of importance and should be balanced against each other and considered in relation to all relevant principles.


Medical Laboratory Technologists value and protect the welfare and dignity of all individuals.  We are respectful, accessible, cooperative with patients, colleagues, and other healthcare providers to provide effective patient care.


Professional Attitude and Behaviour
Medical Laboratory Technologists are honest, dependable, and equitable.  We contribute to the development of the profession through collegiality, mentorship, self-development, and support of its institutions.


Professional Development
Medical laboratory Technologists strive for excellence in their professional practice and personal conduct through life-long learning.  We enhance our own well-being and fitness to practice and augment our knowledge, skills, judgments, and attitudes through continuing education.


Medical Laboratory Technologists are accountable for their actions.  We are responsible first to the individual, then then to society and the environment for safe and lawful practice, and the sustainable use of resources.


Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest
Medical Laboratory Technologists understand and comply with applicable privacy legislation and policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of confidential information.  We recognize and disclose conflicts of interest, and resolve them in a manner which maintains the integrity of personal health information and protects the best interest of patient care.


Medical laboratory Technologists promote a culture of safety.  We practice in compliance with all current provincial and federal legislation for the protection of patients, colleagues, healthcare providers, society, the environment, and ourselves with the intent to minimize the risk of harm.


Professional Responsibility
Medical laboratory Technologists promote excellence in the profession and practice within the scope of professional competence.  We recognize regulation is a privilege which individual members of the profession merit through adherence to the Code of Ethics and the Standards of Practice.

The NLCMLS gratefully acknowledges the assistance of the CMLTA.

Approved by the NLCMLS Board of Directors 2013-04-26